Material: rhodium plated brass
Size: 2.6in or 6.6cm
Weight: 1.0oz or 29g
Light: orange

High Priestess

Named after the High Priestess tarot card that represents intuition, sacred knowledge, & the divine feminine. This pendulum is used for sending nurturing energy to anything that is developing. New healing, new abundance, new relationships, etc. It is also perfect to use during tarot card readings.

The High Priestess exudes a powerful, yet calm and steady, feminine energy that is both vitalizing, and invigorating.

It can be used for strengthening the sacral chakra.

This makes it perfect for fertility work, developing new potentials in your life to support improving your health, wealth, and relationships.

It moves easily and indicates direction clearly. It is perfect to use for Pendulum Dowsing during tarot readings. It will help you get more accurate answers.

The Priestess is a pendulum with phenomenal energy that is an awesome addition to your pendulum collection. It is a must have for tarot readers and Pendulum Alchemists who want to experience this aspect of the divine feminine.

You can use the High Priestess as a pendulum that you carry around, or you can wear it as a necklace; so that you are always prepared to make the best of any situation. Wearing it can also raise your vibe to help harmonize you with nurturing, and energizing feminine energy.


  • Nurtures positive developments that improve your life.
  • Energizing that can help you to enjoy better health, finances and relationships.
  • More accurate answers with your pendulum.


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