Material: steel
Size: 2.9in or 7.6cm
Weight: 1.5oz or 42g
Light: white (all colors of light)


Throughout history the snake has been associated with healing and life force energy. This stunning pendulum was inspired by the staff of Greek God Asclepius which is widely recognized as the international symbol of medicine and health care. It is also like the bronze staff of Moses which he used to heal the Israelites, and it also resembles the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol Wadj which means life.

The Asclepius pendulum is primarily designed for Pendulum Healing. It is made of steel and continuously reflects all light = white light- healing, full color spectrum.

It is perfect for delivering Pendulum Healing commands either in person or as a distance healing to result in positive shifts in your health and wellness.

It also works really well for dowsing charts if you are a homeopath, chiropractor, alternative healing practitioner, etc. Use it to get more accurate answers to support you helping your clients achieve improved health so that they can enjoy life again.


  • Powerful energy that can stimulate and support improved health.
  • Feel better.
  • Get more accurate dowsing results to improve your life and others too.


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