In 2011 I was at a crossroads. I had spent the last two decades developing a career as an published research scientist and award winning educational consultant. In spite of being very successful in both endeavors, I felt that there was more for me to do and discover, and that these two career paths were coming to an end.

There had always been a third path, however, that I had been developing for years in secret and had not yet explored professionally. It was that of the wizard or folk healer/magick worker who helped to make people’s lives better by combining my knowledge and experience of science and education with the paranormal.

About this time I remember visiting a psychic in Atlanta for guidance, and she said that I would create a magick technology using wood. I had no idea that she was seeing a few years into my future as a Pendulum Alchemist with my first wooden pendulum design the Hunter Healer.

In 2012, everything came to a head and circumstances conspired to push me forward onto my new path as a healer and magick teacher. It was terrifying at first, but I packed my bags, moved to Mill Valley California, and the rest is history. It was during a two month stay in Bali Indonesia that I truly realized my new calling as a healer mage and upon my return to California I worked to create a practice. During this time I experimented with many different healing and magick methods including pendulums.

At first I did not see the true potential of the pendulum work. It was however during a talk that I gave about pendulums to an audience at a healing center in Ojai, California that my new direction became clear. The audience was blown away by the presentation and demanded that I publish books on the subject and continue teaching about pendulums.

Success soon followed as I continued on this path and it has resulted in me devoting my professional life to developing the field of Pendulum Alchemy: the use of a pendulum as a tool to change, transform or influence something in ways that are for the highest good of all concerned. 

As a truth seeker with a big heart, I now combine my passion for discovering and developing the field of Pendulum Alchemy with practical ways that you can apply this technology to improve your life and the lives of those you love in ways that are for the highest good of all. 

This is why I do this work. To bring you the best pendulums and cutting edge methods to help you make positive shifts in your health, relationships, spirituality and finances so that you can enjoy your life while making a difference in the world.

It is a pretty radical concept, because most people only use pendulums to answer questions and don’t realize their true potential as magickal tools to shape and influence reality.

Welcome to the world of Pendulum Alchemy.

I witness you having amazing success with your pendulums.


Erich Hunter