Material: brass
Size: 2.0in or 5.2cm
Weight: 1.1oz or 31.2g
Light: white

Mini Ray

The Mini Ray-Healer is an Egyptian-style pendulum that is relatively small, lightweight, but very powerful in emitting healing energy. I absolutely love this one!

With its broad tip, it can emit energy over a wide area, making it perfect for quickly boosting energy. Its energy is White, making it an ideal general use pendulum for both Pendulum Alchemy and Healing.

Additionally, it is highly responsive to hand movements, making it an excellent choice for dowsing and reading of charts.

During healing sessions, you can hold this pendulum over a witness card, or you can simply hold it in the air when issuing pendulum commands.

When Pendulum Dowsing simply swing it over the chart and take a reading.


  • Its relatively small size makes it easy to hold during long sessions.
  • Being a general use model, it is good for encouraging positive change in all circumstances and situations.
  • Amazing energy, perfectly suited for beginners and experts alike.


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