Material: brass
Size: 1.9in or 5cm
Weight: 1oz or 28g
Light: flickering white light

Mothership UFO

Inspired by the large UFOs that I saw when I lived in Ojai, California, the Mothership UFO pendulum is an amazing tool for both Pendulum Alchemy and Pendulum Dowsing.

The central column emanates a strong, thin energy beam, while the central disk radiates a ring, creating a torus-like energy field that feels really great and can stimulate rapid change. It is ideal for both manifestation and Pendulum Healing.

The Mothership UFO pendulum moves effortlessly with subtle hand movements, and the long tip makes it easy to read charts, making your pendulum dowsing more accurate.

During healing sessions, you can hold this pendulum over a witness card or directly over a person's body. For in-person healing, I suggest placing it over the area where the person is experiencing trouble.

Alternatively, you can simply hold it in the air when issuing pendulum commands.


  • Create an interruption signal to stop what you don't want, while simultaneously planting the seeds of new intentions to achieve what you do want.
  • Achieve better results and obtain more accurate answers through Pendulum Dowsing.
  • Experience improvements in various aspects of life, including health, wealth, relationships, and finances.


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