Material: gold or rhodium-plated brass.
Size: 1.85in or 4.7cm
Weight: 1oz or 28g
Light: white

Cosmic Merkaba

The Cosmic Merkaba is a revolutionary pendulum designed to rapidly heal your chakras and aura which play a big role in maintaining the health of your body.

By using this pendulum to Improve your energetic health, you can feel better and be more energized.

This pendulum works due to a combination of sacred geometry (the Merkaba with a ring around it) and the precious metals (either gold or rhodium) used in its design.

To quickly heal the chakras and aura, hold your Cosmic Merkaba over a person and scan down the body until you feel a point of resistance. Then let the pendulum spin for a few seconds and the energy of that area will be healed.

This can be done very quickly. This pendulum is perfect for daily work to restore your energetic health and also to prepare people for healing sessions.

If you are a massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, energy healer, or do any work on the body professionally, using this pendulum before a session will make your job faster and easier. The reason being the energy system will be prepared before you start the main part of your session. You can then focus on your main healing method since the energy system of the client will be receptive to it. The result is deeper and longer-lasting results for the client and less work for you. A win-win.

If you want to do self-healing, you can spin it over your picture, or a witness card.

It works great on animals and pets.


  • Rapid healing of chakras and aura for health improvements.
  • Save time and make healing sessions more effective.
  • Feel better with improved energy.



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