Material: gold or rhodium-plated brass.
Size: 1.85in or 4.7cm
Weight: 1oz or 28g
Light: white

Cosmic Merkaba

Revitalize your energy with Cosmic Merkaba: Your path to rapid chakra healing and energetic balance!

The Cosmic Merkaba is a groundbreaking pendulum designed to quickly heal your chakras and aura, which play a significant role in maintaining your body's health.

By using this pendulum, you can feel better and more energized.

To use your Cosmic Merkaba, hold it over a person or pet, and scan down the body until you feel a point of resistance. Then, let the pendulum spin for a few seconds, and the energy of the aura and/or chakra of that area will be healed.

This process can be done quickly. The pendulum is perfect for daily use to restore your energetic health and prepare others for healing sessions.

If you are a massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, energy healer, or work on the body professionally, this pendulum is a must-add to your collection. It will make your healing work easier and more effective, as the energy body will be ready to receive healing.

It also works well on pets. My dog loves it when I use it on her chakras.

For distance healing, you can spin it over a picture of a person or pet. You can also use a card with a name written on it.

Revolutionize your healing journey with Cosmic Merkaba: your key to energetic health and vitality!

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