Material: gold-plated brass
Size: 1.85in or 4.7cm
Weight: 1oz or 28g
Light: green, blue-green

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life pendulum is used to promote improved health, wealth, and relationships so that you can enjoy life more.

It does this by emanating a powerful vortex of energy generated by the sacred geometry elements of the Cosmic Egg and the Flower of Life. The Cosmic Egg is the source of all creation, while the Flower of Life is the sacred geometry that underlies all forms in the universe that build our world.

Since the Flower of Life resonates with the blue-green energy frequency, you can use it to stimulate your heart and throat chakras. This can help you to experience more love in your life while expressing yourself more powerfully.

You can use this pendulum without commands by gently spinning it over a person's body. For self-healing spin it over your photo or a witness card.

You can also use the Flower of Life with pendulum commands to make the commands more effective. The reason being that they get an energetic boost by being in resonance with the creative forces of the universe generated by the Cosmic Egg and Flower of Life.

This pendulum works great with pets.

It is also awesome for energizing your home or office to make these spaces feel better to promote your health and wellness.


  1. Send a strong energy blast for improved health, wealth, and relationships.
  2. Increase your ability to manifest with pendulum commands.
  3. Improve your energy to feel great.

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