Material: gold or rhodium-plated brass.
Size: 3.7in or 9.4cm
Weight: .5oz or 14 grams
Light: white

Tree of Life

This amazing pendulum combines the profound archetypal imagery of the "Tree of Life" with the DNA molecule. It also represents the Hermetic concept of "As Above So Below" with parallel branch and root structure.

The tree itself is enclosed by two opposing Vesica Pisces to energetically resonate with rebirth (the womb) in the healing process. It is also symbolic of the Christ consciousness.

Sometimes subtle energies are preferred over stronger ones to cause change. This is where the Tree of Life excels. It has an extremely high vibration and its energies feel “soft” and provide gentle stimulation. Don’t underestimate its strength though. Dripping water can cut rocks. Sometimes a gentle touch is the most powerful way to stimulate change.

If you want improvements in health, wealth, relationships, etc. give the Tree of Life a try. Be ready to be surprised by the awesome results.

You generally want to use the Tree of Life to gently magnify your pendulum commands for great effect.

This pendulum is perfect for energy sensitives and situations that require a gentle touch, e.g. emotional healing, aura healing, etc.

The Tree of Life is very sensitive at picking up small energy blockages that are missed by other pendulums. When you are doing body scanning with this pendulum (i.e. slowly moving the pendulum in the air down a person's midline) you can find and resolve hidden blocks to energy flow.

It is also perfect if you want an extremely lightweight pendulum that is easy to hold.


  • Gentle energy for better health, relationships, abundance, etc.
  • Extremely lightweight. Your arm will feel good at the end of a session.
  • Beautiful design that is pleasing to look at.

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