Material: brass
Size: 2.2 in or 5.5 cm
Weight: .9 oz or 25g
Light: blue-green

Wand of Horus

Harness the power of the ancient Pharaohs with the Wand of Horus!

The Wand of Horus is an amazing new design named after the energy amplifier rods used by ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.

This pendulum emits a powerful blue-green light that is incredible for healing and manifesting your desires.

When you desire something to happen or wish for improved health or ideal circumstances, you can either send blue-green energy or transform the existing energy into blue-green.

This pendulum accomplishes this automatically every time it is used.

Blue-green is also the energy of the throat chakra. You can use this pendulum to help you express yourself more powerfully to say what you want and be heard by others.

During healing sessions, you can hold this pendulum over a witness card or directly over a person's body.

Alternatively, you can simply hold it in the air when giving pendulum commands.

Unlock the power of healing and self-expression with the Wand of Horus.

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