Material: alumide
Size: 5.3in or 13.5cm
Weight: 2.3oz or 66g
Light: flickering white light

3D Healer

This is the best pendulum I have ever used for healing physical issues.

When a pendulum is put into the human biofield, the body can initiate a healing response. The 3D Healer pendulum is very effective at relief of pain when put near the human aura (see a doctor for all medical issues).

The best way to use the 3D Healer is to simply hold it over the body part or region that needs help and let it spin.

You can also use it for distance healing by spinning it over a witness card.

You can of course combine the spinning action with pendulum commands to increase the effectiveness.

This pendulum is very durable and hard to damage. This makes it convenient to carry in the car or in a bag so that it is ready for any event that may occur (e.g. minor sports injuries, playground injuries, and physical issues that do not require immediate medical care). You can also use it in conjunction with standard medical treatment.

It is a must have for your pendulum collection.

The “energy” on this one is extremely strong and they are perfect for any Pendulum Alchemy or Healing application.

For those of you who want a larger sized pendulum that is not too heavy with excellent energy and responsiveness this is the perfect pendulum for you.


  • Potential for rapid relief of pain
  • Stimulation of a healing response to help you feel good.
  • Feel great, get relief and relax.


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