Material: Gold or rhodium plated brass
Size: 2.3in or 5.9cm
Weight: .9oz or 25g
Light: Flickering white


The Akashic brings amazing energy, refinement and elegance to your Pendulum Alchemy and Dowsing. It works on all levels of reality, to help you get what you want in life in ways that are for the highest good of all.

The energy emanated by the Akashic creates a “gap in space and time” that allows you to interrupt what you don’t want, so that you can more easily manifest what you do want. For example, financial abundance, improved physical health, better relationships, and greater spiritual connection.

You can use your Akashic with pendulum commands to help you start the process to heal, change, or improve your daily life and the lives of those you care for.

The Akashic also improves your Pendulum Dowsing by moving very easily, quickly and in a clear direction. This gives you more accurate results when asking questions or reading charts with your pendulum.

Since the Akashic is extremely high vibration with its gold plating and stunningly beautiful ornamental design. It makes it the perfect for reading your Akashic Records. You can use your Akashic to do readings by swinging it over a dowsing chart.


  • More effective manifestation and energy healing due to its powerful signal.
  • Improved dowsing accuracy, resulting in better answers.
  • Raise your vibe for a better life.


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