Material: Gold plated brass
Size: 2.3in or 5.9cm
Weight: .9oz or 25g
Light: Flickering white


Elevate your pendulum practice with the power, grace, and precision of the Akashic Pendulum.

The Akashic Pendulum brings incredible energy and accuracy to your Pendulum Alchemy and Dowsing experiences.

It is the perfect pendulum for discerning enthusiasts.

The Akashic Pendulum can be used to either initiate what you want to happen or put a decisive end to what you want to stop.

It is ideal for both manifestation and healing work.

The Akashic Pendulum also moves easily in a clear direction, providing more accurate results when asking questions or dowsing charts.

The combination of amazing healing energy combined with excellent dowsing performance makes it perfect for work on the Akashic records, which often involves both dowsing and healing.

It is also fantastic for everyday use.

Some consider it to be the best pendulum ever created, offering outstanding performance and unparalleled beauty.

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