Material: rhodium plated brass
Size: 2.5in or 6.3cm
Weight: 1oz or 28g
Light: blue-green

Archangel Orion

Orion is one of the newly recognized Archangels working to uplift humanity and help us reach our full potential as spiritual beings in a physical body.

This beautiful rhodium plated pendulum is the perfect tool to channel the angelic stellar frequency of Orion to support your ascension into 5D reality.

It reflects the blue green light which is used to make what you want to have happen manifest into reality in ways for the highest good of all.

The green light energizes your heart chakra to help you feel more expansive and loving. While the blue light energizes the throat to help you express yourself more powerfully.

This is the perfect pendulum to use for pendulum commands since blue green improves health, relationships and finances by providing vital life force energy.

The Archangel Orion can be used to relieve ascension symptoms that are making your spiritual journey a challenge.

The rhodium plating is resistant to tarnishing and it gives off fantastic energy.

You can use the Archangel Orion as a pendulum that you carry around, or you can wear it as a necklace; so that you are always prepared to make the best of any situation. Wearing it can also raise your vibe to help harmonize you with the higher angelic frequencies.


  • Ease your ascension to 5D making it a pleasant experience.
  • Increase your levels of love and self expression to live a fuller life.
  • Connect to the higher angelic realms for a better life based on spirit.


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