Material: steel
Size: 3.5in or 9cm
Weight: 2.5oz or 70g
Light: flickering white light
Cast metal pendulums have minor imperfections that do not affect function.


The Druid Pendulum: Ground Your Energy, Improve Your Life.

The Druid pendulum is specifically designed to help you ground your energy field by aligning you with the Earth and nature.

Made of steel, this pendulum has a highly stabilizing and grounding effect that can bring you back down to earth, potentially helping you to improve sleep, reduce stress, and speed up wound healing, among other benefits.

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder report feeling well while using this pendulum.

It emanates a flickering white light, perfect for interrupting old patterns and establishing new ones to improve your health, wealth, and relationships.

Recommended use of the Druid pendulum is to hold it while saying pendulum commands. This allows you to work on manifestation while the pendulum acts to ground you as an added bonus.

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