Material: steel
Size: 3.5in or 9cm
Weight: 2.5oz or 70g
Light: flickering white light


The most famous magicians in ancient Europe were the Druids. They practiced Earth Magic ceremonies in the groves of sacred Oak trees to which they attributed supernatural powers. The name Druid itself means “Oak Knower” indicating their special connection to the sacred Oak.

The Druid pendulum is designed specifically for the following uses: grounding your energy field, protection magick with pendulums, the banishing of spirits, Wiccan/Pagan ritual use of the pendulum, healing toxic Earth energies, and the healing of Mother Nature.

This pendulum is made of steel and therefore it has a highly stabilizing and grounding effect that can help to bring you down to earth. Grounding is known to improve sleep, reduce stress, and speed wound healing among other things.

Grounding is also a valuable way to help relieve ascension syndrome which is common among spiritually evolving individuals. Ringing in the ears, feeling drained of energy, frequent headaches or pressure in the head, feeling as if you don’t belong, or that you are detached from the external world are all ascension symptoms. Grounding can potentially help to relieve these issues so that you can feel centered and in tune again.

It emanates flickering white light energy perfect for interrupting old patterns and establishing new ones to improve your health, wealth and relationships. Also great for work in relieving geopathic stress that can cause health issues in your home and on your land if not addressed.

It is also excellent for working with the fairy realm.


  • Grounding energy that can help you center you so that you feel good.
  • Clearing geopathic stress so that your home and land are healthy.


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