Material: steel
Size: 3.8in or 9.7cm
Weight: 3.6oz or 102g
Light: orange
Cast metal pendulums have minor imperfections that do not affect function.



Harness your power with Hathor Pendulum – Manifest with confidence!

The Hathor pendulum is incredibly powerful, one of the most potent pendulums I have ever created.

If you are sensitive to energy, you can feel it emanating in a two-foot-wide (0.6-meter) ring around the pendulum.

It is designed to help you gain more personal power while boosting your self-confidence.

The overall effect is that it enhances your ability to direct change, making what you want to happen more likely to occur.

It is best used by holding it in the air while saying pendulum commands.

Radiate confidence with the Hathor Pendulum.

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