Material: titanium coated metal
Size: 3.5in or 9cm
Weight: 8oz or 22g
Light: flickering white light

Healing Spiral

This amazing pendulum combines the power of a linear pendulum with the gentle energy of a curved design. The result is that it gives off energy that is very strong, so it is great for both in person and distance healing.

Simultaneously the flexible coils around the pendulum generate a gentle energy field that emanates off the sides of the pendulum and it works very well at restoring the aura and chakras.

It saturates a broad area while also focused on a central point. Great for energizing.

When doing chakra healing the central beam energizes and clears the chakra, while the spiral stimulates the aura surrounding the chakra resulting in rapid restoration of the energy field.

This pendulum can be used by holding it over the body, or body part, of a person and letting it spin.

You can also use it with pendulum commands.


  • Rapid energizing for faster healing response.
  • Generate new potentials for a better life, improved health and finances.
  • Quickly prepare people for energy healing for better results.


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