Material: cocobolo wood (color will vary from dark brown to orange stripes)
Size: 6.9in or 17cm
Weight: 2.4oz or 68g
Light: flickering white light

Hunter Healer Classic

The Hunter Healer Classic gives off an extremely strong signal that is perfect for all Pendulum Alchemy applications. If you want a powerful pendulum to supercharge your work, this one’s for you.

This stunning pendulum combines three effective pendulum designs from the past (i.e. the Osiris, Isis and Karnak) with the result being that it is a potent transmitter of intentions over long distances that is perfect for both distance work and powerful in person applications.

It can help to bring about positive shifts in all areas of life including health, relationships, finances and over the years I have received numerous messages from people about the effectiveness of this pendulum.

It is made from beautiful cocobolo hardwood that is good for working on healing the body, animals and nature.

It is perfect for stopping what you don’t want and for energizing new potentials.


  • Powerful pendulum that can stimulate beneficial change in tough situations.
  • Can help you to be more abundant, feel good, and enjoy better relations.
  • Improve the energy of home, land, and help your pets.

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