Material: titanium coated brass
Size: 2.6in or 6.5cm
Weight: .9oz or 25.5g
Light: blue-green

Mt. Shasta (Lemurian)

The Mt. Shasta pendulum is for channeling Lemurian energies to raise your vibration while manifesting health, abundance and beautiful relationships in ways that are for the highest good of all.

The Lemurians were a race of beings who escaped physical form and are now said to exist as a benevolent and highly advanced civilization inside of Mt. Shasta.

This pendulum channels Lemurian energy by tuning into the frequency of this sacred mountain using a distinct geometric design. This allows you to easily send this energy wherever it is needed; to make life better for yourself and others in ways that are for the highest good of all.

The Mt. Shasta is perfect for doing healing work, and also for energizing crystals with its blue green light energy.

It also makes a phenomenal dowsing pendulum because it moves easily and in distinct directions to accurately indicate the correct answer to your question.

Its beautiful finish makes it highly resistant to corrosion so you can take it anywhere which is great for everyday use.

You can also wear it as a necklace. This way you will have its phenomenal energy with you at all times to help you successfully work to resolve any challenge that you face.

Tap into the power of Mt. Shasta with this amazing pendulum!


  • Channel Lemurian energies to improve relationships, health and finances.
  • Increase your ability to manifest with pendulum commands.
  • Get more accurate pendulum dowsing results.


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