Material: deer antler. From naturally shed antlers found in forest.
Size: 3.0in or 7.62cm
Weight: 1.7oz or 48g
Light: red


In ancient times shamans would wear a crown of deer antlers to connect them with natural forces, to gain ancestral wisdom, and to have the ability to communicate with the spirit realm.

If you are strongly drawn to the natural world and want to do Pendulum Alchemy while connected to nature. The Shaman is the perfect pendulum for you.

The Shaman is made from a naturally shed deer antler. Male deer shed their antlers every season. The antlers used for this pendulum are 100% humane and ethically sourced from antlers found naturally on the ground in the forest.

The antler material itself emanates a unique vibration that is very strong and pleasing and quite unlike anything else you have ever experienced.

It emanates the red light frequency that correlates to the rising Sun and conception. It is the perfect energy for new creations and new starts to promote wellness and healing.

The result is an extremely powerful and potent pendulum that can help you cause positive shifts in your health, wealth and relationships so that you can experience a better life while living in harmony with nature.

This pendulum is perfect if you are a shaman, green witch, or if you want to be in tune with the forces of the natural world.

You will love this pendulum!!! Each one is a unique one of a kind piece.


  •  Improve your life by being more in tune with nature.
  • Infuse your Pendulum Alchemy with potent natural energy for better results.


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