Material: steel
Size: 2.6 in or 6.5cm
Weight: 1.6oz or 45g
Light: flickering white light


Throughout history the skull has been an important symbol to priests, shamans, wizards and others involved with magick and spiritual affairs.

The skull is not an inherently evil symbol. Instead it represents magickal/spiritual power via connection to our ancestors. It is also a reminder to live in the present and enjoy the beauty and wonder of the world that we can experience while we are alive.

The Skull pendulum is made of steel and it has very strong energy. It will supercharge your Pendulum Alchemy for more powerful results.

It is the perfect pendulum for manifesting what you want in life. It does this by emanating an interruption signal. This creates a “gap in space and time” that allows your pendulum command to take hold so that you can promote positive shifts in your health, wealth and relationships.

People have reported amazing results with this pendulum for both healing and manifestation.

The Skull is also perfect for ending anything you want to end. An illness, a bad relationship, lawsuit, etc. This can also make your life dramatically better.

The Skull pendulum is very responsive to hand movement and it is the perfect for answering questions and reading charts. This will help you get more accurate readings when doing your Pendulum Dowsing.


  • Improved ability to manifest what you want for a better life.
  • Reminder to live in the present putting life’s problems into perspective.
  • Improved dowsing accuracy to guide you to success.


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