Material: polymer and iron
Size: Diameter= 1.8in or 4.5cm
Weight: 2.4oz or 68g
Light: all colors. The entire visible light spectrum.
-Please note this is a handmade item and it may have minor imperfections that do not influence the function.-

Universal Pendulum 2.0

The Universal Pendulum 2.0 is a modernized version of the Universal Pendulum that I designed for maximum power and ease of use.

This pendulum allows you to easily send colored light for maximum impact by simply turning the bow to the desired color and letting it spin.

Each color of light causes different effects. You can send specific frequencies of light and get greatly improved results from your Pendulum Alchemy sessions. It is perfect for the Color Healing with Pendulums course protocols.

Bring your Pendulum Alchemy & Healing to the next level using color.

Unlike other Universal Pendulums on the market, the Universal Pendulum 2.0 has modern abbreviations on it for setting the energy by turning the bow. This makes it extremely easy to understand and use without any specialized training.

You can safely use and store this pendulum on any setting because it doesn’t produce negative green.

Additionally, you do not need to hold the string in any special location with the Universal Pendulum 2.0 and you can adjust the string to any length that you feel is comfortable, or you can even tune the pendulum to different frequencies, e.g. love, using Pendulum Tuning method.

The Universal Pendulum 2.0 is extremely easy to use compared to other Universal Pendulums on the market. It is also more powerful than the other ones out there. The reason being that I discovered that magnetism combined with the ball shape is what gives a Universal Pendulum its strength. So I construct each Universal Pendulum 2.0 with a magnetic iron core that gives it incredible strength. It also gives you better results using the pendulum.

To use this pendulum, set it on the color you want then let it spin. Pendulum commands are optional and you can use it effectively without commands. It can also be used over a witness card for distance healing.

The pendulum is very easy to use. Turn the bow so that the string is over the color you want to send. Let the pendulum spin. Repeat the process or stop. It is that easy!!!

The possibilities are endless.


  • Easily send any color of light without using commands for better results.
  • Rapid saturation with color for improved health, relationships and finances.
  • Finish your sessions more quickly, saving you time and effort for more ease.

1 week wait time after placing order. Thank you for patience.


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