Material: polymer and iron
Size: Diameter= 1.8in or 4.5cm
Weight: 2.4oz or 68g
Light: all colors. The entire visible light spectrum.
-Please note this is a handmade item and it may have minor imperfections that do not influence the function.-

Universal Pendulum 2.0

The Universal Pendulum 2.0 is the ultimate tool for color healing.

You can use it to send any color of light you want to promote powerful shifts that can improve your health, relationships, and finances.

To do this, you simply turn the metal bow to the desired color.

Then let the pendulum spin to transmit that color to produce effects.

This is very easy to do and does not require any pendulum commands.

The Universal Pendulum 2.0 can be held over a person or pet to send color energy.

Distance healing is also possible by holding the pendulum over a witness, such as a picture of a person or their name written on a piece of paper.

The Universal Pendulum 2.0 is an extremely valuable tool that every serious Pendulum Alchemist should have.

Unlock the power of color with the Universal Pendulum 2.0.

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