Material: titanium coated metal
Size: 3.5in or 9cm
Weight: 8oz or 22g
Light: flickering white light

The Vortex

Balance and energize with the Vortex pendulum.

Restore your aura and harmonize your chakras with this incredible pendulum for healing and energy work.

The Vortex combines the power of a linear pendulum with the gentle flow of a curved design.

The result is a pendulum that emits very strong yet balanced energy, ideal for both in-person and distance healing.

The flexible coils around the pendulum generate an energy field that emanates from the sides, making it very effective for restoring the aura and chakras.

This pendulum is a must-have for body workers and energy healers, as it can quickly prepare a person for healing by bringing their energy field into balance.

To use it, hold the pendulum over the body or a specific body part of a person or pet and allow it to spin. You can also use it with pendulum commands.

When using it over a witness, hold the pendulum over a card with a person’s name on it and send them healing energy.

Since it has a pointed tip, it is perfect for dowsing charts.

The Vortex pendulum will make a wonderful addition to your pendulum toolkit and help you achieve better results with both your Pendulum Alchemy and Dowsing.

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