Material: brass
Size: 2.7in or 7cm
Weight: 1.2oz or 34g
Light: yellow


Isis-Osiris has a very strong, yet pleasing energy. The Osiris element is balanced by the Isis element, resulting in a pendulum that possesses exceptionally powerful energy for promoting healing and facilitating change.

This pendulum is both invigorating and nurturing. It is beneficial for addressing digestion issues and enhancing one's self-awareness and personal power. Additionally, it is effective in nurturing anything in the process of development.

You can hold this pendulum over a witness card when performing healing work, or over a person's body. I recommend placing it over the person's solar plexus chakra during in-person healing, as the yellow light resonates with this chakra.

Another option is to simply hold it in the air when delivering pendulum commands.


  • A strong and energizing stimulus to clarify and energize situations.
  • Utilize it to enhance optimism and strengthen your intuition.
  • Feel better with increased energy.

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