Material: brass
Size: 2.3in or 5.8cm
Weight: 2.25oz or 64g
Light: flickering white light

Mothership UFO 2.0

Mothership UFO 2.0 Pendulum: Beam extraordinary energy for out-of-this-world results!

The Mothership UFO 2.0 pendulum is an incredible tool for Pendulum Alchemy.

The central column emits a strong energy beam, while the disks radiate a torus ring of energy that feels amazing.

The powerful beam of this pendulum can stimulate rapid change to improve your life and the lives of those you love.

It is perfect for manifestation and Pendulum Healing.

This updated version of the Mothership UFO is at least 2x stronger than the original.

During healing sessions, you can hold this pendulum in the air and state pendulum commands.

For in-person healing, I suggest placing it over the area where the person is experiencing trouble and let it spin to provide relief.

Take your pendulum work to the next dimension with the Mothership UFO pendulum!

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