Material: brass
Size: 2.7in or 6.8cm
Weight: .1.1oz or 30g
Light: green


The Papyrus Pendulum is great for healing both physical and emotional issues*.

A very strong energy beam emanates from the center of the pendulum, that can improve health in ways that are for the highest good of all.

The type of light reflected is green, the color of love and the heart chakra. This pendulum is therefore great for healing matters related to the heart.

Green light also supports the immune system, regenerative healing, and the lungs making this pendulum beneficial for everyday use.

It is an essential part of any Pendulum Alchemist's toolkit.

Power your Pendulum Healing with the Papyrus pendulum: where love and light converge for heart-centered wellness.

*See a medical doctor for all health issues.

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