Material: brass
Size: 2.1in or 5.5cm
Weight: .8oz or 22g
Light: violet

Power Karnak

The Power Karnak is a variant of the renowned Egyptian-style Karnak pendulum.

It is relatively small and lightweight, yet it is also a potent emitter of healing energy.

This specific model possesses a quality of Violet energy, which makes it ideal for spiritual practices and the healing of the crown chakra. The dysfunction of the crown chakra can exacerbate symptoms of mania, insomnia, ADHD, ADD, and Autism, so having this tool can prove to be quite beneficial.

Furthermore, it is highly responsive to hand movements, rendering it an exceptional dowsing pendulum.

During healing sessions, you can hold this pendulum over a witness card. For in-person healing, I suggest placing it over the individual's head or crown chakra, as the violet light aligns with this particular chakra.

Alternatively, you can also simply hold it in the air when issuing pendulum commands.


  • Rapid healing of crown chakras health improvements.
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to hold during long sessions.
  • Great for better results with Pendulum Dowsing.

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