Nature Spirits 2.0

Discover the Realm of the Nature Spirits

Commune with Nature for Healing, Wellness, & Abundance

In ancient times people lived in harmony with the land and the nature spirits that inhabited it. Although for many the connection has been lost and the nature spirits pushed into the shadows; they are still present and respond favorably to our positive attentions.

In this course, you will learn how to use your pendulum to enhance the health and wellness of your local nature spirits, while developing relationships with them in ways that are for the highest good of all.

That course is essential if you own land, like to do gardening, keep horses, or spend time in nature. The knowledge can also help you find a place to live and resolve issues of geopathic stress that occur in the home.

In the first part of the program you will be provided with the introductory knowledge and the energy charts needed to begin your alchemical pendulum work with the nature spirits.

Then in the second part of the program you will learn specific approaches to most effectively communicate with the various types of nature spirits.

Finally you will learn how to bring all this information together to do pendulum alchemy and healing on the nature spirits you want to help and influence.


Course Includes:

  • 24/7 online access
  • Detailed handouts
  • Direct contact by email to answer questions
  • Topic discussion in the course

“A great class to get you thinking about how you can connect with your own nature spirits. I enjoyed hearing the nature spirit stories.” – Juanita E.